Monday, November 19, 2012

Crochet Headband

Yep, I crocheted a headband. A friend has been wanting me to make her some for the past two months as Christmas gifts. It took me about 2 days to finish everything. I mean finish ONE headband. It looks nice though. :)

I got the idea from Cindy Abel. I was pinteresting, saw the same thing OVER & OVER & OVER AGAIN! UGH! Pinterest, that truely is your fault.

 So I said, "Screw you pinterest, you suck right now." 

I headed over to google. Eh.
Bing. Alright. 

I found what I was looking for! Well, somewhat. I was really wanting something with lace. I've been in an elegant lace mood, so much of a mood I decided to have a "Lot's of Lace" theme for my future wedding. If there ever will be one. A girl can dream , right?

So anyway, I clicked the picture, went to the website, then I gasped. DIRECTIONS! FREE PATTERN! AWESOME!

To make it even better, my grandpa cleaned out my great aunts yarn hoard stash. Stuffed it all into garbage bags and tossed it outside. I obviously tiptoed over and snatched all that yarn up! There were spiders and bugs all over it but yarn is just so expensive. It would have been heart break to see it all go to waste. 

In all that yarn mess, I found 5 things of Aunt Lydia's crochet thread....size 10. In a ton of different colors. No white, wish there was though. I found some teeny tiny hooks too! I used some creme color. 

This is what I made with my new find....

I have to make four more of these bad girls. Then another one for myself!  So cute! I love headbands! Especially when I just don't give a poo poo. 

If you can crochet, go to Cindy Abel's website and make this. The hand sewing was the most difficult part, just because I really don't like it! 

If you can't crochet, never fear. Go to your fabric store, they have a bunch of lace you can buy. I discovered this when I was picking up my knit fabric for my headband. I was kind of appalled. I mean really?! People pay that for lace?! It's so pretty, but it has a better meaning if you just make it yourself. 

Go on, git to it. Make something!

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